“We are trem-
endously grateful to Helen and the Addison Art Gallery family for their support of the Center. SaraJane’s work captures perfectly the sparkling beauty of the beaches and waters that we work so hard to protect for our families, for our community, and for the diverse and sometimes fragile marine life that thrives off Cape Cod and the Islands.” — —Rich Delany, President and CEO of Center for Coastal Studies

“I look forward to my next visit as it is probably my favorite thing to do when I am at the Cape.” — Judith Staib, Collector, Cape Cod and Connecticut

“Going to Addison Art Gallery is like going to a satellite of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and a lot shorter drive!” — Dave Hughes

American Art Collector profiles one of our wonderful collectors.

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If you only stop at one Lower Cape gallery, make it this one.”—Kim Grant, Explorer's Guide Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket

“American Art Collector profiles Addison Art Gallery's 20th Summer” 

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A visit to the Addison Gallery is like coming home to art heaven! There is serious, but not unhumorous, art to be enjoyed here and the best part is you can take it home to enjoy! Addison Gallery is by far our favorite place on Cape Cod.”  —Jim Sellers and Bob Holland

One of the best discoveries we ever made on Cape Cod.”—Bruce Brackett

“I love the gallery for its friendly, welcoming people. The gallery is one of the best on the Cape, representing an outstanding collection of artists. I love the many events the gallery holds to bring art closer to the community and to provide opportunities for everyone to meet the artists and learn about their craft.

I look forward to visiting every summer.”—Leo Devine

“Two decades of bringing collectors closer to artists and artistic endeavors.” 

You must visit Addison Art for the most exciting, cutting-edge work. A required stop on the way to Provincetown.”—Anne Higginbottom, Docent, Cape Cod Museum of Art

“Much to our delight, we discovered Addison Art Gallery in Orleans many years ago. The variety of artists that are represented at the gallery continue to keep us coming back for more! Helen has a talent for selecting talented new artists to mix with those who have become established names in the Cape art community. We especially look forward each year to the new season of art openings held at the gallery that allow us to get to know the artists on a personal level.”—Henry and Stacia Talberth

“Helen’s gallery always looks fresh. When you enter, there’s always an “oh wow”, I love it! ” surprise. She highlights each artist in the best possible light. From sculptures, to traditional, to edgier work, there’s something for everyone at the gallery. The art is always beautifully displayed and her artists’ events are part of the social fabric of Orleans.”—Trish O’Connor

“Every show at Addison is outstanding, as are all their artists.”—Lois Zorawick

“I have never left the gallery without a wish list of future purchases. Sometimes I leave with a “must have” painting under my arm. I look forward to every opening.”—Ginny Iannini

“Whether the subject matter is a Cape Cod landscape or a simple still life, AddisonArtGallery always presents a vital and vibrant group of work. Just as inviting are the openings, where artists and art lovers mingle in each room of the charming gallery. Each painting we have purchased is a treasure, not only because of its beauty, but because it reminds us of this wonderful group of artists that have become our friends.”—Amy Ford

“Helen Addison combines an exceptional eye for spotting emerging talent with a gift for making her artists and collectors feel part of a special community”—William Clyde King

“For years, I have had a close association with the Addison Gallery in Orleans…. From the first day I walked into their gallery, I was impressed by the diverse range of artists and that the paintings on display change often, making the gallery an exciting place to visit since there always is something fresh and new going on there. Addison Gallery works hard to introduce the unconventional along with the classic, more traditional paintings, but I must say that even the traditional paintings seem to have an edge that makes them unique.

Addison Gallery, which is not a large gallery, manages to represent many talented Cape artists, such as the bold and gutsy Kim Kettler, whose eye popping color and sensual oysters make one swoon.

The space at the Addison Gallery is warm and inviting where the visitor (whether serious collector or curious browser) is always made to feel welcome…. a gentle, unobtrusive way of letting one observe, roam and reflect on the art that they have carefully and purposefully selected for their gallery. When one is at Addison’s, one never needs to rush or feel pressured to buy. The place is very “user friendly” … only too happy to educate, accommodate and illuminate any and all of the work that is housed on the three levels of their charming studio.

As a collector of art, I always have loved the hunt. To walk through a gallery, viewing all the works on exhibit, then having that rare experience of finding a painting that moves me, by “speaking to my soul” is such a thrill. Since discovering the Addison Gallery two years ago, I’ve had the good fortune to find many special paintings that indeed speak to my soul. These works have since enriched my life not only by giving some lively punch or a bit of serenity to my rooms, but most especially by allowing me to view my world from another far more interesting perspective.”—Cynthia Mohr

“This is the best gallery!”—Hilary Fitzgerald

“It is always a pleasure to come into visit. We love the welcoming atmosphere.”—Dona and Chuck Spillane

“Best gallery on the Cape.”—Carl Richards, Chatham

“I just love the Addison gallery, it’s like a breath of fresh air.”—Diane Hunt

“Beautiful art, great people, wonderful space — It’s so rare to find everything in one place. Even though I live in Boston, Addison Art Gallery is easily counted as one of my favoirite destinations to view art. As soon as I walk through the door, I feel like I’m home… an environment that is at once art-friendly and people-friendly. I feel very fortunate to have found a place that gets it so right.”—Lisa Atkin

Helen, you set the standard for collectors’ intra-personal relations. I always leave the Cape with fond memories of meeting with you and the broad range of “stuff” you have exhibited. Also, I always tell friends who are enroute to the Cape ‘You have got to stop and see Helen! She won’t harass you to buy something. She is just a warm and sharing person, and her gallery is fun!’

I think I have a fairly attuned sense about gallery standards dealing with three separate ones here in Dallas,TX, one in Salado, TX, one in Lafayette, LA, and one in Alexandria,VA, on a fairly regular basis.”—David Matthews

“This is the best gallery on the Cape.”—Linda Rahm

“One of the nation's leading year-round galleries” 

“Addison Art is considered one of the nation’s finest galleries.”—Arts and Artisans Trail

“Only the most riveting of talent“—Insider’s Guide to Cape Cod

“This is a ‘Must-Visit’ gallery for all art collectors. My husband and I always find several pieces to admire and purchase at every visit. The variety and quality of work is exquisite. Over the years we have purchased landscapes, still-life and portraits from various painters that show work at Addison Art Gallery. Helen Addison has a real knack for finding the best talent, locally and internationally. We love working with Helen!—Eileen Debenham

Editor’s Choice Award: Fine Art Gallery—Cape Cod Life

“The gallery of choice for a large number of collectors, as well as the home of some of the most sought-after artists on Cape Cod.” —Cape Arts Review

"...Addison has introduced outstanding American artists, such as Paul Schulenburg, to collectors from coast to coast, in addition to bringing Olivier Suire Verley to the U.S. market." 

“Housed in a beautiful and quaint old red house, the gallery’s charming appeal draws visitors from around the world to its doors. Once inside, the exciting and resplendent artwork beckons collectors to walk slowly through its warm and cozy interior to take in each and every painting along the way. It is no surprise then, that the Eastern Regional Exhibition was such a huge success.”—Oil Painters of America

One of the most successful galleries in the country” astounding “the public with art by newly discovered artists and masterpieces by established artists.”