Before the Masterpieces


An intriguing show of new works along with the sketches, studies and reference photos and notes created in preparation for the finished paintings. Studies can help an artist plan composition, color choices, light and perspective. More spontaneous than most finished works, studies can be dynamic, show the artist’s thought process and often differ greatly from the finally presented works. For instance, Michelangelo’s study for the Libyan Sibyl on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is based on a male model while the finished painting is of a woman. This exhibition gives the viewer a look at the work and experiments that lead to the art we see completed and framed.


SaraJane Doberstein | Maryalice Eizenberg | Marc Kundmann | Sharon McGauley | Jonathan McPhillips | David Mesite | Andrea Petitto | Paul Schulenburg

Paul Batch

Marc Kundmann

Andrea Petitto

Paul Schulenburg