David Mesite’s interest in art began when he was in grammar school. He was the kid who always won the art contests and had the most creative student projects. Growing up in Connecticut, he attended Paier College Of Art, where he studied fine art and illustration. Upon graduation he pursued a career as an illustrator and an art director. After almost twenty five years of corporate graphics, David has redefined his lifelong passion for fine art, in his studio in Cheshire Connecticut. He has a dramatic boldness in both his realistic painting style and the subject matter chosen to capture. His unique ability for seeing the most interesting visual aspects of ordinary situations has always inspired him and is what he feels has contributed to his success as a painter. “I love looking at everything that goes on around me wherever I am, with an obsession for seeing something that I can turn into a painting.” David spends as much time as he can at a family place on the Cape, in Brewster, and it is there where he has found new inspirations for his recent watercolors.

Mesite has exhibited throughout New England and, just as he did when he was a kid, is still winning awards. His paintings are hanging in homes and businesses throughout the country.

Artist's Statement

I want to produce art that pleases me for many personal reasons. Then, if it pleases the viewer, I’m glad. I’ve always had a fascination for art. I attended art school at age eighteen and haven’t regretted one day since. My family have always been very supportive of my career as well as being my best critics.

“It is very difficult to accurately convey to other collectors the talent of David Mesite... Part Andrew Wyeth, part the late Garry Gilmartin and, yes, even a hint of JMW Turner’s treatment of Lake Lucerne in “The Blue Rigi, Sunrise.” The translucence and opaqueness that Mesite can display is what makes his complexity so enjoyable. With oils, the painter gets to come back to re-work his initial efforts, perhaps several times. But with watercolors, it is a direct translation from the artist’s mind to the paper. It is, in golfer parlance, one swing for the green on a par-3 hole and no mulligans!” — David Matthews, A Dallas, Texas Collector


David Mesite Studio