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John Murphy
Cape Cod Bay    oil on canvas
8.51 x 10.5, framed 10.5 x 12.5   $700
John Murphy
Nauset Beach    oil
5 x 7, framed 6 x 8   $300
John Murphy
Mill Pond    oil
5 x 7, framed 6 x 8   $300
John Murphy
Pah Wah Pond    oil
11 x 14, framed 13 x 16   $900
John Murphy
Morning Communion    oil
9 x 12, framed 11 x 14   $850
John Murphy
Plovers Path    oil
6 x 12, framed 9 x 15   $675
John Murphy
North Haven    oil on panel
8 x 10, framed 12 x 14   $600
John Murphy
Summer's End     oil on canvas
12 x 17, framed 17 x 29   $2,200
John Murphy
Rigging for Scallops     oil on canvas
8 x 10, framed 13 x 15   $700
John Murphy
Wellfleet Pier     oil on canvas
8 x 10, framed 12 x 14   $650
John Murphy
Shades of the Back Bar     oil on canvas
18 x 24, framed 26 x 31   $2,600
John Murphy

Signed and Saved     oil     John F. Murphy
24 x 30, framed 31.5 x 37.5    $2,800

“Returning to the Cape in 1961 from my service in the Navy, everyone was talking about the Cape Cod National Seashore bill written by Senator Saltonstall and President Kennedy. Some people were against the bill, while others, including Malcolm Hobbs, publisher of Cape Codder, had been strong advocates for the bill since its introduction.

That summer, driving in my Jeep, I became aware of the vast stretches of pristine shoreline that were at risk of development if the bill did not pass. The National Seashore has preserved the Cape Cod we love, miles of natural beauty along with this Coast Guard Station that looks just like it did that summer 50 years ago.”

John Murphy
Nantucket Sound     oil on canvas
20 x 16, framed 26 x 22   $2,200
John Murphy
Rock Harbor     oil on canvas
18 x 24, framed 23.5 x 29.5   $2,400
John Murphy
Ciro & Sal's     oil on canvas
18 x 24, framed 23.5 x 29.5   $2,400


John MurphyJohn Murphy’s works represent places, scenes and emotions of Cape Cod, Europe and Central America.

John attended the Butera School of Art. In 1969 John opened The Land Ho! For a time, his restaurant became his artistic creation. Later he connected with master painter Robert Douglas Hunter who has been a mentor and friend for over three decades. John also paints regularly with Neil Drevitson.

Though primarily self-taught, John attributes his ability to working with and learning from some of America’s most talented artists. John’s supportive family and talented peers have enabled him to gradually focus more time on his painting, even as he expanded the Land Ho! to Costa Rica and Harwich. John has shown successfully in Paris as well as in the United States. He is a member of the Copley Society of Art and his joyful work can be found in many prestigious collections.

Private instruction and workshops with Robert Douglas Hunter, Don Stone, Neil Drevitson, Charles Sovek and Foster Nystrom. Courses at Butera School of Art and Boston University.

John began showing professionally in 1986 and had sold-out shows for three consecutive years. Sales have always been strong including two sell-out shows: a 2004 show at ERG Gallery on Rue Jacob, Left Bank, Paris followed by a 2005 show at Addison Art Gallery.

Notations and Collections
While serving in the United States Navy, John designed a plaque presented to President John F. Kennedy at his inauguration on the behalf of the U.S.S. Warrington. John F. Murphy paintings have been chosen for the cover of Orleans Town Guides, Pops in the Park signature posters, as well as being hot items at the annual Cape Cod Museum of Art Auctions. Works in the permanent collection of the Cape Cod Museum of Art and many prestigious private collections throughout the Americans and Europe. His work has been positively reviewed in the Boston Globe, Cape Cod Life, Cape Cod Times, Cape Codder, A-Plus and Cape Cod View.

Artist’s Statement
I draw my inspiration from the history of my community and its serene natural surroundings. I enjoy painting centuries-old landmarks and landscapes as they now appear in order to reflect on the past. I enjoy the simple beauty and humility one can find around themselves, from a timeless, well-constructed house to a valley of radiant trees in autumn.

I begin my paintings by slowly building up colors, starting from broad patches of color which are refined over time until the smallest details become visible. I pay close attention to the temperature of my paint and work to build an appealing luminosity that adds life to the scene.

My paintings depict timeless scenes that broadly resonate, from the sophisticated collector to those who are just becoming acquainted with collecting art. Others would consider my other sold-out shows, especially my show in Paris, to be my most impressive accomplishments. However, I am most proud of the opportunities I have to give back to my community, which has been my home for over forty years.



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