Paul Baldassini has been working with graphic images for over 40 years. A native of Quincy, MA, Paul owned and managed Paul Baldassini Graphic Design in Boston’s Back Bay. For over 20 years, his creative team provided graphic design and advertising services to corporate, private and non-profit clients.
His dedicated study of 16th century and other master painters, combined with his vast knowledge of modern painting techniques and digital tools, results in contemporary realist paintings that appeal to art collectors who appreciate both how a painting is created and the natural beauty of the subject portrayed in a painting. Through discipline and assiduous study of people, objects and their settings, Paul attends to details that give his paintings a mannered, but nonetheless, arresting quality.
Paul has a BFA in Illustration/Graphic Arts from Mass. College of Art, Boston and is a Signature Member of the New England Watercolor Society.
He resides in Middletown, Connecticut with his wife and daughter.
Artist Statement
I am a fine artist, graphic arts specialist, designer and photographer, and teacher. My technique is very similar to that of the old masters, yet skillfully incorporates a modern feel with a contemporary style.

My floral works are painted larger than life, more portaits than still lifes, where nuances of light, color, shadow and luminosity are magnified for a deeper appreciation of the sublime beauty and complexity of nature.
Always on the lookout for patterns of rhythm, movement, light and shadow that will create a compelling composition, I eschew the notion that compositions must contain a center of interest. Instead, I look for the “big image”, creating compositions that will immediately grab your attention from afar, pull you in for a closer look, then even closer to see the artist’s hand. To do this I combine both high- and low-technology tools. Using digital image editing software, I review, edit, composite and adjust the images as necessary to create a dynamic composition.



 A time-lapse animation that demonstrates Paul's painting process.