When talking about his work, Ryan “Looks for the beauty in everyday life. From a stormy sky to the character of a figure, there are so many sparks of inspiration around us. If an artist can capture a glimpse of it—through color, composition, and brushwork—a great piece of art will emerge.” Applying this approach, Ryan creates stunning figures, landscapes, and still lifes with a mastery that is rare in today’s art world.

Ryan has studied with living masters Richard Schmid and Nancy Guzik. Through their guidance, Ryan’s work continues to grow in technical skill with his own unique voice and style. He is also an active member of the “Putney Painters” group in Putney, Vermont.

Ryan has a BA in fine art and 16 years of expertise in the design field and as a fine artist. He lives and works from his studio in Connecticut and is actively painting from life throughout New England.


Watch Mellody at work creating "Rimmon Hill Maple"