Sharon McGauley, an internationally collected artist, has earned multiple grants (including the Ann McKee Fund, several Art Reach Fellowships, and a Rodel Foundation Fellowship) and a residency at the Espy Foundation in Washington State. She studied art at Connecticut College with Barkley Hendricks and Andrea Wollensak and continues to study and work with master painters. Sharon paints plein air and in her studio and is especially inspired by dramatic weather and lighting.

She lives in Portland, Maine and spends a lot of time in her family home on Cape Cod.

Her work has shown in many solo and juried shows across the country, and has been featured in a solo show at the Key West Custom House Museum. McGauley paintings can be found in prestigious collections in the US, Canada, Europe and Japan.

Artist’s Statement

Land and seascape paintings are, for me, about capturing a sense of place. The experience of solitude is the starting point; the sense of being alone and engulfed by the landscape is one I frequently seek out. I am especially drawn to places where the sea meets the sky in a such a way that you can’t tell where one ends and the other begins.

Recently I have been adding a figurative element to the landscapes that, paradoxically, continues to come from my own experience of solitude. I love watching the changing narrative as people come and go. They group together or walk alone, moving in and out of the landscape itself.

Sharon McGauley in American Art Collector

"Land, Sky, and Sea"


Watch a time lapse of the painting of Purple Suit