Julie Snyder

Julie Snyder
Table Study   oil
8 x 8, framed 12 x 12     $550
Julie Snyder
Glass Arrangement with a Lemon   oil
11 x 14, framed 17 x 20     $970
Julie Snyder
Glasses on Green and Blue   oil
14 x 18, framed 20 x 24     $1,500
Julie Snyder
Balancing Act   oil
18 x 24, framed 27 x 33     $2,900
Julie Snyder
Slice and Dice   Oil
5 x 5, framed 10 x 10     $425
Julie Snyder
Top Knot   Oil on canvas
20 x 16, framed 28 x 24     $2,000

Julie Snyder studied drawing and painting within the inspiring halls of the Glasgow School of Art. Her artistic career has spanned both sides of the Atlantic and included several years of residence in southern Spain. She forged her craft as an illustrator in advertising, publishing and the motion picture industry, including with Warner Bros.

The artist is most at home in her studio. Her work is done mainly created from life and developed over multiple sittings. With a focus on physique and performance, athletes and dancers are subjects frequently paints.

Although direct observation of the model is key to making a successful painting, Julie Snyder also allows the painting to develop a life of its own. “It’s that dynamic play of opposites that add energy to painting — shadow and light, warm and cool colors, lost and found edges — the literal and imaginative passages.”

Julie Snyder is an award-winning artist who has been painting and drawing most of her life. Her work hangs in collections and galleries across the country. Most recently the National Art Museum of Sport honored her by selecting her painting of a boxer “Before the Bell” for inclusion in its 2010 - 2011 collection.

Artist's Statement:
Painting is my path to a world where stories begin to unfold through marks made on the canvas.

My journey as a painter began at the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland’s foremost art academy, an extraordinary and inspiring artistic environment. After a few years of travelling throughout Europe, I arrived in the U.S. in 1984 and spent the next decade working in several artistic fields before turning to fine art.

I am drawn to two main subjects in my work – the subtle beauties of women and the intensity of athletes. The obvious contrast is not lost on me; I see it not in terms of conflict but of complimentary aesthetics. Whether it is perfect physique, dynamic strength or a simple feminine gesture, it is fascinating and I translate it into the painted image. This is infinitely inspiring.

Much like poetry captures a few details to bring to mind a scene, what I paint is composed of swift impressions of colors and forms. Instead of words, I use the brush to capture the essential fragments and facets of an intimate communication between the viewer and the subject. I love the moment when chaos and order dance together on the canvas – tight and loose brushwork, what’s deliberate and what almost paints itself.


  • National Art Museum of Sport, Purdue University Indianapolis, 2010-11
  • Magnificent Miniatures, California Art Club, Blinn House Pasadena, 2010
  • Amazing Women Show: City Women’s Club, Pasadena,  2010
  • Brand Art Library, Open Studio Tour Show, Glendale, 2010
  • Oil Painters of America, Western Regional Show, WA 2009
  • Glendale Artists Studio Tour, 2008
  • California Theatrical Youth Ballet, La Canada, CA. Solo Show: June-July 2007
  • Brand Art Library, Glendale, Glendale Group show, 2006
  • Invitational Music and Art in the Park, Quick Draw and exhibit, Glendale CA, 2006
  • Artist Magazine, Finalist, Convention Center, Pasadena CA 2005
  • Invitational “Jardins en Plein Air” White’s Gallery, Montrose, CA 2005


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