Oil Painting

Oil paints have been widely used since the fifteenth century and have become the standard for easel painting. The range of oil paints and surfaces available offer painters great flexibility for a variety of different techniques. This range of options continues to expand.

Oil paints can be used on a number of wood, Masonite, glass, paper, metal and canvas surfaces. Canvas is used most frequently. Cotton canvas is quite durable and the least expensive of the regularly used canvases. 

While some artists prefer linen over canvas for its texture and permanence, cotton, polyester and jute are all widely accepted surfaces.


Oil on Linen:
“ What makes linen so attractive to painters is its strength and its beauty... it never looks as mechanical or evenly woven as other fabrics.” — 
Bill Creevy
For more information, please consult The Artist's Handbook of Materials and Techniques by Ralph Mayer (1985, Viking) and The Oil Painting Book by Bill Creevy (1994, Watson~Guptill Publications).


Sliver II by Marc Hanson