Born in Brazil in 1976, Cleber Stecei began experimenting with abstract painting as a teenager. After arriving in the United States at the age of 19, he became inspired by the beautiful New England scenery and has since excelled in landscape painting.

Cleber has a great appreciation for realistic portrayals of the human form, as well as the spontaneous brush work of a plein air painting, and he carefully tries to combine those qualities in his work.

Stecei’s work is done both from photographic references and on location (en plein air), allowing him to respond to the effects of natural light and atmosphere.

Stecei is a member of the Cape Cod Art Association and his work has been awarded numerous times, including a Best in Show. Since showing at the Addison Art Gallery, his work has enthralled collectors as well as judges and has been featured in respected regional and national art publications.


“A Master in the Making...represented by one of the Cape's most prestigious galleries, Addison Art in Orleans. Cleber Stecei paints weekly with the highly regarded Cape artist Paul Schulenburg.

Stecei’s reputation as a landscape artist has been rising like a mellow tide that is still building. His work has been noted in several national art publications and his paintings are in collections country-wide. Stecei's talent, age, and new presence in the market have thrust him to the heady upper echelons of the art scene—all in less than 18 months.”—Mary Grauerholz, Cape Cod Life