Steve Kennedy painting at Ocean Edge

Steve Kennedy painting at Ocean Edge



"Twelve painters will spend June 24 painting outdoors at Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster on Cape Cod, Mass.

The exhibition, organized by Addison Art Gallery in nearby Orleans, is free and part of “After Hopper,” a series of events designed to highlight the influence of the painter Edward Hopper, who summered on the peninsula. Organized by the gallery, the “After Hopper” calendar includes other plein-air painting shows, artist receptions, exhibitions and talks.” —

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Robert Abele

Maryalice Eizenberg

John Murphy

Maureen Naughton

Susan Overstreet

"I painted this plein air early in the morning, finishing it in the studio. It's a grand old mansion, something withstanding the test of time, giving us a sense of permanence, reflecting on a former grandeur in architecture.” — Susan Overstreet

Andrea Petitto

Paul Schulenburg

Fay Shutzer

Erica Szuplat