When Stephanie Foster attended New England School of Photography, she was told to never stop taking photographs. She didn’t. For 14 years, as a creative director in Boston, she did both the photography and copywriting for her clients. Later she turned her talents to fashion photography, working at a Newbury Street studio. She also appeared on WBZ as a glft consultant and tipster. When she moved to the Cape, her interest shifted to nature photography, landscapes and portraiture as well as writing about the real world.

Stephanie has been a columnist and photojournalist for 20 years. She received awards for her photography from Grand Circle Travel and Parade Magazine, and has garnered numerous regional and national awards for humor and serious column writing, lifestyle features, health reporting, environmental coverage and color photography.

In 2010, her solo show The Dune Shack Experience at the Cape Cod Museum of Art drew crowds from throughout New England. Foster lived alone in a dune shack without electricity, running water or an indoor toilet in late autumn. “Each time I left this primitive sanctuary, I was reluctant to return to the outside world,” she says. “It’s amazing how satisfying a simple life can be. Without all the distractions, there is time to think and absorb the beauty and the truths of the natural world.”

The Dune Shack Experience traveled to Highfield Hall in Falmouth in 2011, where the exhibit included backgrounds sounds of the surf and sea as well as her dune shack diary.

Her work has been highly reviewed in magazines and newspapers throughout the region and is in the permanent collection at the Cape Cod Museum of Art. Brooks Academy Museum in Harwich exhibited her collection of work titled Familiar Faces and Places.

Stephanie is the author of Snacks for the Brain, a book of humorous essays and a new book on Farms of Cape Cod will be published in 2013. An exhibition and book signing is already scheduled for the Cape Cod Museum of Art for October 2013.

A world traveler, she has taken photographs in Africa, Iceland, China, Thailand, Peru, Egypt, Jordan, Prague, Austria, Slovakia, Budapest and Malta. At home, she is a devoted gardener and grows flowers from seed to sell at the farmers market in Orleans. A master gardener, she also writes a garden column for the Cape Cod Times and occasional features on art and food. She lives in Harwich and admits to being the devoted servant of a Maine Coon cat.

Artist’s Statement

My goal is to find the beauty in life and then share it. I’m attracted by light and color and the stories they tell. The beauty is fleeting, there for a moment, then the light shifts, the colors change and it is gone. Sometimes the image is captured by the the lens. Other times only by eye and the soul.