Jonathan Earle: Emerging Artist One Man Show

Jonathan Earle was born on Cape Cod in 1971. After graduating from The University of Massachusetts with a degree in landscape architecture, he spent 20 years in architectural and construction management. As his career path moved him further and further away from expressing his ideas with pencil and paper, he returned to his true passion, painting.

“Creating a sense of place in the landscape is at the core of landscape architecture. A sense of place is the experience or emotions associated within a familiar setting. It is this principle that I draw upon when painting, the dimension that is formed by people’s relationship with their physical setting, whether an actual figure in the painting or the viewer. I aim to capture the emotion and energy of that place. Whether it be the energy of a crowded street or the potential energy of idle traffic at a stoplight, both evoke emotion and feeling for a place.”

Jonathan is a member of the Cape Cod Art Association, where his work has received numerous Best in Show awards, and The Arnold Coleman Award. His works have also received top awards from various other art organizations. Jonathan lives in Sandwich with his wife and two children.

Paul Batch: Sweet Light of New England

Recent works by Paul Batch inspired by the sweet light found on evening walks around New England. The works in this exhibition are are a poetic response to shared experiences conveyed through paint, representative of scenes we know while perhaps not intended to be literal representations of specific places.

Join the artist for a demonstration from 4 to 4:45 for a brief while surprisingly informative demonstration illustrating how composition, value, scale and edges can work together to create a sense of atmosphere in a painting, followed by a reception from 5:00 to 7:00.