“For years, I have had a close association with the Addison Gallery in Orleans…. From the first day I walked into their gallery, I was impressed by the diverse range of artists and that the paintings on display change often, making the gallery an exciting place to visit since there always is something fresh and new going on there. Addison Gallery works hard to introduce the unconventional along with the classic, more traditional paintings, but I must say that even the traditional paintings seem to have an edge that makes them unique.

Addison Gallery, which is not a large gallery, manages to represent many talented Cape artists, such as the bold and gutsy Kim Kettler, whose eye popping color and sensual oysters make one swoon.

The space at the Addison Gallery is warm and inviting where the visitor (whether serious collector or curious browser) is always made to feel welcome…. a gentle, unobtrusive way of letting one observe, roam and reflect on the art that they have carefully and purposefully selected for their gallery. When one is at Addison’s, one never needs to rush or feel pressured to buy. The place is very “user friendly” … only too happy to educate, accommodate and illuminate any and all of the work that is housed on the three levels of their charming studio.

As a collector of art, I always have loved the hunt. To walk through a gallery, viewing all the works on exhibit, then having that rare experience of finding a painting that moves me, by “speaking to my soul” is such a thrill. Since discovering the Addison Gallery two years ago, I’ve had the good fortune to find many special paintings that indeed speak to my soul. These works have since enriched my life not only by giving some lively punch or a bit of serenity to my rooms, but most especially by allowing me to view my world from another far more interesting perspective.”—Cynthia Mohr